America’s Print Show Offers Workshops on Workforce Development and Supply Chains

The inaugural America’s Print Show (APS22) will be held Aug. 17-19, 2022 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. APS22 has been created by printers for printers and is a partnership of more than 30 industry trade associations and industry leaders. The goal of APS22 is to bring resources, ideas, education, and thought leadership together to address the critical needs of of the industry.

Education Sessions

“One of our stated objectives is to drive visibility and revenue for the whole graphics
community,” said Jim Cunningham, President of Americas Print Show. “APS has booked top
print industry insiders to bring the latest news and trends to our attendees. Every one of us will
leave Americas Print Show this year with valuable insights we can act on in 2023 and beyond.”

Sessions will focus on cybersecuirty, supply chain issues, workforce development and technology. Here are some of the educational programs planned for America’s Print Show.

Creating a Culture of Innovation. This session will explore how organizations struggle to create a culture that allows everyone to innovate, grow and transform consistently. Research conducted in over 100 large, medium, and small-sized organizations shows that creating a culture for innovation and learning requires leaders to acquire five specific skill sets that can promote reflection, psychological safety, transparency, agile decision making and diverse thinking. In this session, see how to build these skills that can be foundational to your success as change agents of the future. Presenter: Dr. Aravind Chandrasekaran, Associate Dean of the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University.

Weathering the Labor Storm: How to Inspire, Recruit and Train Your Next-Generation Workforce
This session will explain why the recruitment and retention of the future workforce is one of the most criitical issues facing the print industry. This session will give attendees a better understanding of how to awaken potential career seekers to rewarding new futures in the print industry, create a more diverse and equitable workforce, support supervisors to effectively manage the training process, and empower employees to share the opportunity and impact of print. All attendees will receive a free Print Industry Recruitment Kit. Presenter: Steve Bonnoff, Founding Partner, Print Industries.

Paper and the Supply Chain Gang. Executives from the 100-year-old Millcraft paper merchant that serves the professional paper, packaging, and graphic arts industries will discuss the unprecedented supply chain challenges confronting the print industry today. They will share their insights on: the biggest domestic and global factors impacting the marketplace; what we can expect from suppliers for the rest of 2022 and into 2023; how to navigate the supply chain turbulence; new market opportunities; and what Millcraft is doing to protect their business (and their customers’ business) during this volatile time. Presenters: Greg Lovensheimer Executive VP Chief Operating Officer, Millcraft Paper and Travis Mlakar President / CEO, Millcraft

Think Like a Hacker: Best Practices to Protect your Company’s Brand. Over 60% of small to mid-size businesses were targeted by cyber criminals last year. Over 73% of them never trained their employees in cyber awareness. At this session, an All Covered representative will share best practices, and review current trends and methods to keep your organization and its brand secure. All Covered is part of the InfraGuard partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and members of the private sector to protection U.S. critical infrastructure. They provide education, information sharing, networking, and workshops on emerging technologies and threats. Presenter: David Mauro, Regional Manager, All Covered, IT Services Division, Konica Minolta

8 MegaTrehds Diving Success in the Printing Industry. In a highly competitive industry, printers must focus on two things to succeed: efficiency and growth. The first delivers a better bottom line; the second produces a more robust top line. In this session, New Direction Partners experts share what they have found to be the 8 mega trends driving success for printing companies, providing insight to owners and managers about how they can ensure enduring success in their own businesses. This includes: operating as efficiently as possible, investing in technology, and maintaining a healthy balance sheet. They will also discuss the role of mergers and acquisitions and other factors related to success.. Presenters: James A. Russell and Peter J. SchaeferPartners, New Direction Partners 

Digital U – The ABC’s of Your Social Media Presence. This session will cover everything from your LinkedIn profile to the three main uses of social media to drive sales. The primary focus will be LinkedIn but all major social media platforms will be addressed. You will learn how, why, when, and with whom to use social media to begin and maintain relationships, build trust, and be remembered. You will also learn about all things content related: what to share, how to cultivate valuable content for your clients and prospects, and how to create original content. Presenter: Kelly Mallozzi, Sales Engagement Expert, Success.In.Print

Supporting Associations

America’s Print Show is supported by a variety of regional and special-interest printing associations, such as the groups listed below:

Graphic Arts Association

Graphic Communications Workforce Coalition

Graphic Media Alliance

Great Lakes Graphics Association NPSOA

PIA MidAmerica

Print Industry Midwest

Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation

Print Media Association

Printing Industries of the South

Printing and Imaging Association of Georgia

Print Industries Alliance

Printing Industries of New England

PIA San Diego

PIA Southern California

The Printing Industry of the Carolinas

Visual Media Alliance

For More Information

For information about all of the sessions, exhibitors, and special events, visit:

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