FuturePrint Conference Feb. 25-26 Covers Print Technology for Business Adaptability

The FuturePrint Virtual Conference on Feb. 25-26, 2021 will feature talks about new technology that can improve the adaptability of your business.

Tailored specifically for digital printing technologists, manufacturing experts and print production professionals, the FuturePrint Conference will provide a forum for knowledge exchange, discussion and high-level networking.

According to Marcus Timson, codirector of FuturePrint, “As vaccines begin to tip the balance in the war against the virus, confidence will return and a spike in demand for goods across sectors will become fierce.”

He believes digital print technology has a key role to play in enabling businesses to optimize their performance in the coming boom: “But investing in the right technology to solve the right problems is critical. We must make the best choices.”

The two-day FuturePrint program will feature insights from more than 40 innovators from the world of print technology.

Educational Sessions

Some of the sessions planned for the FuturePrint event include:

The Year of Adaptability
Speaker: Marcus Timson of FuturePrint

EcoLeaf: Sustainable Metalization-A Revolution in Packaging
Speaker: Dario Urbinati of ACTEGA Metal Print

Adapting by Adopting Digital: Inkjet Technology for Changing Market Demands
Speaker: Taylor Buckthorpe of Colordyne Technologies

Digital Packaging Production — Lessons Learned and Looking Ahead
Speakers: Frazer Chesterman of FuturePrint and Francois Martin of Bobst

Sustainable Corrugated Packaging with HP Digital Solutions
Speakers: Karis Copp of FuturePrint and Eviatar Halevi of HP

Differentiate with Digital: Focus on Flexibility
Speakers: Frazer Chesterman of FuturePrint and Matt Brooks of IncaDigital

High-End Direct-to-Substrate Proofing and Prototyping for Packaging: A Customer Case Study
Speakers: Stephan Heinjens of Mutoh, Heiner Mueller of CGS Publishing, and Phil Walmsley of Waldo LTD

Digital Printing on Decor Paper for Laminate Production Using Water-Based Pigment Inks
Speakers: Frazer Chesterman of FuturePrint and Marc Graindourze of Agfa

Challenge of Customization for Print Production
Speakers: Roland Biemans of LMNS, Carten Brinkmeyer of Hymmen, Koen Santesgoeds of Integration Technology, and Stefan Van Waalwuk Van Doorn of TNO Holst Centre

Strange Times: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace the Pandemic
Speaker: Rob Karsten of Phoseon

Profit in Textiles: File-Click-Print
Speaker: Phil McMullin of Epson Pro Graphics

The Future is Sustainable and PVC Free
Speaker: Nova Abbott of Taya

Inside the Tornado: The Opportunity for Inkjet
Speakers: Marcus Timson of Future Print and Dave Gray and Dave Varty of Ricoh

Demonstrating DodXact’s Capabilities for Flexible Multi-Project Support and Testing of Industrial Inkjet Fluids
Speaker: Mark Bale of DodXact

B2B Print Buying: How It is Changing – ERP/CRM Integration
Speakers: Kelvin Bell and Milo Ferchow of Vpress

Will Software Actually Drive Success for Your Volume Printing
Speakers: Pat McGrew of McGrew Group, Johnathan Malone-McGrew of Solimar Systems, and Jamie Walsh of Solimar

Hybrid Industrial Inkjet: U.S. Case Studies Decor/Label
Speakers: Karis Copp of FuturePrint and Graham Vlcek of Industrial Inkjet

Exploring the Life of an Ink
Speakers: Simon Daplyn and Phil Jackman of Sun Chemical

Pushing the Boundaries of What’s Possible
Speakers: Kate Black of Meta Additive and Graham Tweedle of Xaar plc

Introducing Crystal Decorating for Glass Decoration
Speaker: Anthony Carignano of ACTEGA North America Technologies

The Best Way to Buy Software: And It’s Not Price!
Speaker: Pat McGrew of McGrew Group

For More Information

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Registration is free. To reserve your spot, click here and submit you email.

The FuturePrint conference is organized by FM Future, an independent business development and communications consultancy based in the UK.