Canon’s Océ Colorado 1640 Printer Introduces UVgel Technology

Canon Oce Colorado 1640

Canon’s fast new 64-inch Océ Colorado 1640 roll-to-roll printer will make its first public debut in the U.S. at the ISA Sign Expo 2017 in Las Vegas. Designed for the efficient, cost-effective production of high quality indoor and outdoor graphics, the Océ Colorado 1640 is the first printer with Canon’s new UVgel technology. The technology combines:

  • a radically new UV-curable ink that instantly gels on contact with the media;
  • an advanced “self-aware” piezoelectric printhead technology;
  • an LED unit that cures without adding damaging heat to the media;
  • continuous on-the-fly printhead nozzle monitoring and performance compensation.

The industrial graphics production printer is built to withstand high duty cycles and output higher print volumes.

Canon Oce Colorado 1640

“We are very excited about this revolutionary new game changing technology” said Toyo Kuwamura, executive vice president and general manager, Business Imaging Solutions Group, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “This new technology will help large format print providers to increase their print production while lowering their operating costs, enabling them to profitably grow their businesses.”

Canon believes small, midsize and even large production shops can benefit from the printer’s speed, ability to print many different types of graphics, fast and easy media loading, quality-assured unattended printing, innovations in automation, and low operating costs .


The Océ Colorado 1640 is engineered to efficiently produce very high print quality across a range of applications. It boasts a top speed of 1710 square feet per hour and delivers high quality POP prints at 430 square feet per hour.

Features that contribute to high-quality/high-speed printing include the UVgel ink and state-of-the-art LED-UV curing system. The UVgel ink instantly gels on contact with media for precise dot gain, position control, and perfectly repeatable images. The low-temperature LED-UV curing system moves independently from the printing carriage for uniform, instantly cured, durable prints.

Unattended printing with automated quality assurance, automated roll changing, and reduced print waste also contribute to the productivity of the system.

Innovations in Automation

The heavy-duty drawer mechanism on the Océ Colorado 1640 can hold two rolls of media, each weighing up to 110 lbs. The two rolls can be the same media type and size or different media. Once the jobs are initialized, the print engine can switch jobs between rolls without operator assistance.

If an unknown media is loaded, the printer will automatically measure its thickness and adjust the print gap accordingly. This ensures the best possible print quality and reduces the risk of printhead crashes. This information is then stored in the media library along with other media parameters so that the next time this type of media is loaded, the printer knows exactly how to handle it.

Canon Oce Colorado 1640 large format printer


Reliability is key for a true production-oriented printer, and the machine must be able to print while unattended. So Canon has developed several innovative technologies for on-the­-fly quality assurance and control.

The UVgel printheads incorporate patented continuous nozzle monitoring to detect and correct any under-performing nozzles. During every printing pass, Canon’s patented nozzle monitoring technology automatically checks all nozzles using acoustic sampling. It can even detect whether nozzles are going to misfire before they actually do. In the event of nozzle failure, corrective maintenance is automatically performed.

Broad Application Range

The Océ Colorado 1640 is excellent for both indoor and outdoor applications. It delivers a large color gamut similar to solvent inks but offers the environmental benefits and safety profile of latex and UV-cured systems. The result is nearly odorless, VCL-free, durable, colorfast, high quality prints even on the thinnest, most heat-sensitive media.

The ultra-thin ink dispersion of UVgel technology has almost no discernible physical profile on the media surface. Compared to other UV ink systems, prints feel noticeably smoother. The prints satisfy the highest environmental standards for indoor usage with a virtually odorless profile.

An important factor in print quality and application range on roll-to-roll printers is the accuracy with which the printer advances the media. The media-handling system on the Océ Colorado 1640 is supported by a heavy, rigid frame and equipped with industrial components, including an optical feedback loop that continuously monitors media advance. Using virtually invisible printed index marks at the edges of the media, the system measures media advances in real time to automatically correct the subsequent step size as needed.

Low Operating Costs

The low operating costs of the Océ Colorado 1640 can be attributed to lower ink consumption, competitively priced ink, and automation that substantially reduces the need for operator oversight and intervention.

‘Canon is looking forward to the U.S. debut of this product at the ISA Show,” said Kuwamura. “We know that there has been a lot of anticipation around this technology and we are very excited about what the future will bring.”


Canon Announces Game-Changing UVgel Print Technology

At SGIA Expo 2016, Canon U.S.A. previewed a new UVgel printing technology that they believe will be a game-changer for companies that print graphics on wide-format rolls of flexible media. According to Canon, UVgel will provide the large color gamut of solvent inks combined with the environmental benefits and safety profile of latex and UV inks.

UVgel is a radically new UV curable ink from Canon that instantly gels on contact with the media. This results in precise dot placement and area control for consistent high-quality images at high speed.

According to Canon, ultra-thin ink dispersion and a low ink-consumption rate can provide up to a 40 percent reduction in printing costs compared to eco-solvent and latex inks.

Canon plans to use UVgel technology in a new line of roll-to-roll large-format printers that can provide cost-effective, non-toxic, durable, colorfast, high-quality prints on flexible materials such as banner materials, display films, and canvas.

The first printer to use Canon UVgel technology will be a high productivity, 64 inch roll-to-roll printer. It is scheduled for release in the spring of 2017.

Advanced Hardware

The Canon UVgel technology platform incorporates several new hardware technology developments.

Advanced, next-generation piezoelectric printhead technology will employ patented acoustic sampling technology that monitors nozzle performance on-the-fly during printing.

A unique LED UV curing sub-system will operate completely independently from the printing system. By ensuring identical jetting-to-curing timing for every droplet, this sub-system will deliver unprecedented uniformity across the printed image.

The LED-based UV system cures the gel without adding heat to the media. This will enable UVgel systems to print on even on thin, heat-sensitive flexible media.

Continuous, on-the-fly, nozzle performance compensation will facilitate confident unattended printing and reduced print waste.

According to Toyotsugu Kuwamura, executive vice president and general manager, Business Imaging Solutions Group, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “This new technology will power an upcoming generation of roll-to-roll printers that will help our customers increase their print production efficiency while lowering their operating costs, enabling them to profitably grow their business.”

According to the Canon press release, the company’s significant investment in UVgel technology demonstrates Canon’s continued commitment to be a leader in digital graphics markets.

Canon also makes the Océ Arizona series of UV flatbed printers for rigid sheets.