GMG Software Simplifies Color Managed Workflows

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At ISA Sign Expo 2017, GMG will demonstrate its color management tools for wide-format printing and automated printing workflows. GMG tools can help sign printing providers keep production-ready files flowing to their digital inkjet printers.

Even better, GMG tools can assure that the printed colors on the artwork will match corporate brand colors. This is particularly important for point-of-purchase signs and displays that hold packages of brand products.

GMG ColorServer provides a reliable system for ensuring consistent prints no matter where a file is printed. PrintFactory powered by GMG, is a complete production workflow software suite for printing banners, signs, and super-wide graphics.

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“GMG solutions offer two of the most critical requirements of sign printing. The first is color, which is a deal-breaker for any customer. It needs to be accurate and, above all, consistent— especially the grays. The second is production speed, which is delivered by automating the workflow processes,” remarks Bart Fret, GMG Director of Wide Format Sales. “At ISA Sign Expo GMG will demonstrate how any print provider can now reach these goals.”

GMG ColorServer and GMG SmartProfiler

Print providers require that all digital presses on the plant floor output consistent color—on all substrates.

GMG ColorServer provides a centralized system that ensures consistent reliable color at the highest quality standards. With GMG ColorServer, users can create highly automated workflows overseeing color for every digital press on the floor. This saves time and money for everyone.

GMG Color Server automated color management software

Color separations and file conversions no longer require an enormous amount of work because the GMG SmartProfiler software wizard allows any user to calibrate, recalibrate and profile digital and large format printing systems easily and without advanced knowledge of color management. SmartProfiler guides users through each task, step-by-step.

Unlike other technologies, GMG SmartProfiler software has useful presets for the different ink types used in large format and digital printing.

GMG ColorProof

It is very inefficient to create a proof on a production inkjet printer. It delays the production of income-generating jobs so one or two sheets of the test job are printed, usually on a different substrate.

Using a smaller, more affordable color-managed printer for contract proofing makes much more sense, so that production inkjet printers can run uninterrupted.

For years, GMG ColorProof has been the preferred solution for efficient and safe contract proofing. GMG ColorProof offers uncompromising color fidelity and is compliant with globally accepted printing standards. Its reliability and remarkable performance make it an indispensable tool among leading color management experts.

GMG ColorProof comes pre-loaded with color profiles of all common standards, so users can get started right away. To print the first proof, users just select the printer, calibrate it, and they are ready in just a few seconds.

PrintFactory wide-format printing automation, powered by GMG

Successful digital printing businesses understand the need to automate processes, standardize on color and quality, and ensure efficient and reliable throughput. Print Factory, powered by GMG, can help achieve all of these goals.

PrintFactory is a complete production suite for banner, sign and superwide-format printing. It can revolutionize the way sign companies run their print operations.

PrintFactory simplifies job handling by providing a single platform for all job verification, preparation, RIPping, printing, cutting, and finishing operations. With a centralized color management system delivered by GMG, it delivers exceptional color control along with significant reduction in ink usage. It also makes it easy to manage multiple digital printers and cutters.

The standardized printing that PrintFactory offers assures that colors will match on all pieces of a job, no matter which printer or what type of media was used to produce them. The PrintFactory solution is fully distributed, allowing multiple RIPs to offer load balancing, job monitoring and full automation using JDF and XML.

PrintFactory Screenshot of Layout

PrintFactory can also be combined with the contract-proofing capabilities of GMG ColorProof. This can increase machine up-time and reduce waste of expensive production media and ink.

PrintFactory will easily scale to match a print facility’s requirements. To learn more, visit

“Brand owners are continuing to place a premium on accurate and consistent color. Every wide format inkjet printer or traditional press on the shop floor should be able to exactly match the brand’s colors,” summarizes Fret. “GMG can demonstrate that not only is it achievable—it’s easy to do. We look forward to demonstrating how GMG tools can make the process so much simpler.”

About GMG

GMG is a leading developer of high-end color-management software solutions. The company was founded in 1984 and is located in Tubingen, Germany. GMG’s goal is to provide complete solutions for standardizing and simplifying the color management workflow in order to achieve consistent colors on all media types and with any printing technology. For more information, visit