Use Mimaki JV100-160 Eco-Solvent Printer for Outdoor-Durable Signs, Wraps, and Art

The 63-inch Mimaki JV-100-160 is a start-up-business friendly roll-to-roll wide-format inkjet printer that uses Mimaki’s SS21 eco-solvent inks to produce outdoor-durable graphics and photographic signs and displays. Mimaki’s eco-solvent inks are known for their fast-drying capabilities, superior adhesion to flexible signage media, and high scratch resistance.

The 63-inch Mimaki JV100-160 inkjet printer can use 4 or 8 colors of eco-solvent inks.

The printer can run two 4-color sets of inks (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) at speeds of up to 667 sq. ft./hr. for simple banners and graphics.

Users who want to produce a wider range of graphics might want the JV100 printer that uses 8 colors of ink: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light magenta, light cyan, light black, and orange ink. This ink combination provides the color range and image quality required for advertising vehicle graphics, art reproductions, black-and-white photographs, wall graphics, and point-of-purchase signs that include photos and brand colors.

The light black, light cyan, and light magenta inks help produce sharper details, higher contrasts, and smoother tonal gradations in photographs. The orange ink makes it possible to achieve a wider gamut of colors, including smoother transitions between red tones.

The inks on the JV100-160 are supplied in easy-to-use 600 ml or 2000 ml eco-cartridges that can be rapidly changed with no mess.

The eco-solvent inks on the Mimaki JV100-160 are Greenguard Gold certified, which means they meet some of the world’s most rigorous chemical exposure standards. Greenguard Gold-certified products help minimize indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure.


Mimaki engineered the printer and its included workflow software to make expert-level high-quality printing easy for newcomers to the wide-format graphics business. In addition to Mimaki core technologies such as variable-dot printing and nozzle checking and recovery systems, the JV100-160 includes the new labor-saving Dot Adjustment System.

Dot Adjustment System (DAS) offers automatic alignments to ensure repeatability and consistent quality of the fine lines and details expected in high-quality photographic imaging. The DAS frees operators from having to perform common adjustments themselves.

Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) and Nozzle Recovery System (NRS) work together to monitor and correct the performance of the nozzles that eject the inks from the printhead. The NCU automatically detects the condition of each nozzle. When a missing nozzle is detected, it automatically performs a cleaning. If the nozzle still isn’t working, the NRS automatically replaces defective nozzles with alternate nozzles.

Mimaki Adavanced Pass System (MAPS) provides gradation to printed pass boundaries to reduce banding and uneven colors. The result is a streak-free, high-quality printed.

Intelligent Heaters improve the performance of the ink and materials.

Raster Link 7 RIP Software converts PDFs and other design files into the dot sizes, colors, and patterns that the printer will lay down on each pass back and forth across the printer. The software is designed for quick and accurate processing of big files, including PDFs with special effects such as transparency. It can also print variable text or image data on each print for greater personalization, text in different languages, or the inclusion of regional or local information. Like other RIP software, Raster Link enables you to create super-large tiled prints (such as multi-panel wall murals) or automatically “nest” a variety of smaller prints across the full width of media roll to reduce wasting media.

Variable-drop printing means the printer can change the size of the droplet being ejected during each print job. Ink drops as small as 4 picoliters can be used to create fine details and smooth tonal gradations. Larger drop sizes are used to speed the production of areas with solid colors.

The JV100-160 printer is expected to ship in December 2020 at a suggested retail price of $12,995. An upgrade path is available for shops that want to start with the 4-color printer configuration and add 8-color capabilities later.

About Mimaki USA

Mimaki USA in Suwanee, Georgia is an operating entity of Mimaki Engineering In Japan. The company engineers and manufactures digital printers and cutters for use in the Signs and Graphics, Textile & Apparel, Industrial Printing and 3D markets. In 2019, Mimaki USA celebrated 20 years of service to print service providers in the Americas.

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The Mimaki JV100-160 eco-solvent printer and UJV100-160 UV-LED roll-to-roll printer were both announced on November 4, 2020.