Canon Colorado UVgel Wallpaper Factory Automates Custom Wallpaper Printing

To serve the growing demand for digitally printed wallcoverings, Canon Solutions America has introduced the Canon UVgel Wallpaper Factory. The integrated system combines a 64 in. Colorado wide-format roll-to-roll UVgel printer with a motorized Fotoba Jumbo Roll media loader and Fotoba cutter and rewinder.

The UVgel Wallpaper Factory was designed for automated, unattended end-to-end production of customized wallpaper. Designs set up in prepress are printed on paper that is automatically fed into the Colorado printer. The fully dry printed wallpaper is then cut and rewound in the roll widths and lengths specified by the customer. An embedded device tapes each roll for immediate packing and shipping.

A motorized Fotoba Jumbo Roll media loader (JRL170) automatically feeds media into the 64-in. Canon Colorado 1650 UVgel printer. The inline Fotoba Cutter XLD170WP cuts the prints to the desired widths and lengths and feeds them to a Fotoba Rewinder REW162 for rolling and taping.

Advantages of UVgel Inks

To produce seamless, room-size designs from multiple rolls of wallpaper, the inkjet printing process must be exceptionally precise, with dimensionally stable materials and color consistency from roll to roll. The images must be accurately positioned on the paper for proper alignment. Plus, the substrate can’t stretch during production or the printed image could be distored and out of alignment when installed. Mismatches in color from one roll to the next would be obvious when the printed panels were hung on the wall side by side.

Canon believes the flexible, odorless UVgel technology developed for their Colorado 1650 wide-format printing system provide an ideal solution for wallpaper production.

UVgel technology is a form of UV-LED printing that uses a gel-like ink that is heated inside the printheads and jetted as a liquid onto a temperature-controlled platen. When the liquefied inks contact the media on the low-heat platen, the drops return to their gel state and are partially cured (“pinned”) by a low dose of UV light from LED lamps. Full LED curing occurs after all of the droplets required to form an image swath have been applied and gelled onto the media.

By controlling the spread of ink dots on the media (e.g. “dot gain”), the Colorado UVgel ink technology supports brilliant color consistency from print to print. Companies that use multiple Colorado printers for high-volume wallpaper production can expect consistent colors even a specific design is output on different printers at on various days and times.

Wallpapers printed with the UVgel 460 inks in the Colorado 1650 printer are odorless and have been independently tested to generate very low levels of chemicals. The inks have met the GREENGUARD Gold standards for safe use in sensitive indoor environments such as healthcare facilities and schools. Wallpaper printed with UVgel inks also meet ASTM F793 Type II classification, which means it is fit for use in commercial environments that have the potential for higher-than-average scuffing (e.g. waiting rooms, classrooms, and hallways).

The UVgel 460 ink technology in the Colorado 1650 features a FLXfinish system that enables users to produce wallpaper with either a standard gloss surface or a velvety matte finish without changing from one roll of paper to another.

This scalable, modular system can help wallpaper companies and decor firms expand into custom-printed wallpaper. Or print-service providers can use this system to diversify into high-volume digital wallpaper manufacturing.

The UVgel Wallpaper Factory is available as an end-to-end solution or as an upgrade to existing Colorado 1640 and 1650 wide-format printers. For more information about the Canon Colorado printers visit

“The UVgel Wallpaper Factory is a highly automated workflow solution that enables our customers to print exceptional quality wallpaper with quicker turnaround times,” said Peter P. Kowalczuk, president, Canon Solutions America, Inc.

To receive additional information about the UVgel Wallpaper Factory, contact a Canon Solutions America, Inc. representative or send your request through our website:

The Canon UVgel Wallpaper Factory won a 2020 Product of the Year award from PRINTING United Alliance in the category of
Automation Equipment (Print/Post Print)

About Canon Solutions America

Canon Solutions America, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc. in Melville, New York. Canon Solutions America provides enterprise, production, and large-format printing solutions. They also and help companies of all sizes discover ways to improve sustainability, increase efficiency, and control costs in conjunction with high volume, continuous feed, digital and traditional printing, and document management operations. For more information, visit:

Canon Solutions American announced the UVgel Wallpaper Factory on May 14, 2020

ChromaLuxe Unveils Sublimatable, Durable Flooring

ChromaLuxe floor panels

ChromaLuxe is a leading supplier of durable metal and wood photo panels for inkjet dye sublimation. They also make tabletops for inkjet dye sublimation. Recently, ChromaLuxe announced durable, sublimatable floor panels. Owners of inkjet dye sublimation printing systems can custom-decorate the ChromaLuxe floor panels with company logos, artwork, graphics, photography, or brand messages.

In branded environments, customized floor panels would be perfect for hospitality areas, business offices, or stores. Homeowners might also be interested in custom-decorated flooring.

Decorators can change the look of an entire floor or incorporate accents or inserts.

ChromaLuxe Sublimatable Floor Tiles
ChromaLuxe unveils new sublimatable, durable flooring décor product (PRNewsfoto/ChromaLuxe)

The floor panels are specially coated sheets of moisture-resistant, high-density fiberboard. ChromaLuxe floor panels are available in two sizes: 16.125 in. x 24.125 in. and 24.125 in. x 24.125 in.

During the dye-sublimation process, heat is used to infuse specially formulated sublimation inks into the panel’s surface coating. The process makes the printed image highly resistant to moisture, fading, and scratching.

The new ChromaLuxe sublimatable floor panels are rated for commercial use and comply with Carb 2 regulations for emissions from composite wood products. (Carb is the California Air Resources Board)

“ChromaLuxe flooring panels present a new opportunity for designers and others to provide a customizable solution for their clients,” said Ryan Holtzman, ChromaLuxe brand manager. “The opportunities for this product are endless.”

Designers can find a list of photo labs that use ChromaLuxe dye-sublimation products on the ChromaLuxe website:


B2B Social Platform Helps Commercial Building Designers Discover Products

Printing companies marketing decor products or services to architects, interior designers, and remodelers of commercial buildings may want to join to the Dezignwall community.

Dezignwall is a B2B social market network created exclusively for professionals involved in the design and construction of everything from local nail salons and coffee shops to world-class restaurants, hotels, casinos, and entertainment venues.



The Houzz-like platform functions like a cross between the professional networking site LinkedIn and photo-sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

The social-sharing tools on the Dezignwall platform make it easy for commercial developers and design teams to find sources of inspiration, engage with manufacturers of products, and work collaboratively in a virtual and mobile environment.

Dezignwall’s mission is to help commercial businesses “close the gap between initial discovery and final purchase” of products and services.

Joseph Haecker, the CEO and founder of Dezignwall, understands the commercial design and building industry because he was head of product design for a company that sold custom lighting for hotels and casinos. He saw how difficult it was for product manufacturers to get their products and services in the right hands from the conception of a development project through the purchase order. He believes current advertising methods (sales reps, catalogs, print media, trade shows) lack real-time accessibility and mobile usability.

“I realized that my commercial design colleagues were in need of a Houzz-like website specifically for our commercial needs,” says Haecker.”During the recession, I saw businesses close because they could not engage clients outside of their current marketing reach. What makes Dezignwall different is that we are a business-to-business solution specifically for global commercial professionals.”


Dezignwall seeks to change how commercial design professionals engage, collaborate, and find inspiration. This includes finding and share commercial design products such as custom wallcoverings, textiles, window shades, glass, ceramics, and many other products that can be digitally printed.

Creating a business profile and publishing your product/project photos is free.