Art E-Commerce Website to Promote Independent Artists in Billboard Campaign

Here is a great example of how an e-commerce platform is using out-of-home advertising graphics to create a big impression in the physical world. Fine Art America, the world’s largest art marketplace, is planning an billboard advertising campaign that will feature art from 20 independent artists.

Fine Art America is currently conducting an online contest for artists who would like to see their works featured in the campaign. The contest is free to join and is open to artists from all over the world.

Fine Art America billboard
Fine Art America is running an online contest to pick 20 artists to feature in a billboard campaign.

“We’ve been in business since 2006 and have built one of the largest online art communities in the world with more than one million participating artists,” noted Sean Broihier, CEO of Fine Art America. “For 15+ years, we’ve been promoting our artists and their incredible artwork almost exclusively online. It’s time to showcase them in the real world.”

He adds that “The upcoming billboard campaign gives us an opportunity to reach a new audience of art buyers, build brand awareness for Fine Art America, and introduce the incredibly talented artists who use Fine Art America to sell canvas prints, framed prints, greeting cards, and more.”

Contest Rules and Timeline

Artists may submit up to three images in any two-dimensional medium, including paintings, photographs, digital art, and mixed media.

Submissions are due by August 31 and may be uploaded online at

On September 15, Fine Art America will select 20 winning images to appear on twenty billboards throughout the United States.

Each billboard will be at least 24 feet wide by 12 feet tall and will prominently feature the winning image, the title of the image, and the artist’s name or preferred social media handle. The billboards will be positioned in various cities throughout the United States and will remain visible for at least one month, each, during the fall and winter of 2021.

In addition to the top billboard prizes, Fine Art America will give hundreds of canvas prints and other products to participating artists who meet certain voting thresholds in the contest.

“What’s always been exciting about Fine Art America is the community aspect of the business,” noted Broihier. “We’re not just an e-commerce company selling a product. We’re a vibrant online community featuring millions of artists who use Fine Art America’s technology, marketplace, and fulfillment network to grow their personal art businesses.”

“We’re very excited to launch our billboard contest, review the artists’ submissions, and continue to shine a spotlight on living artists all over the world.” said Broihier.

To learn more and enter the contest, visit

On September 15, Fine Art America will select 20 winning images to appear on 20 billboards throughout the United States.

About Fine Art America

Fine Art America allows independent artists around the world to sell their art printed on dozens of items. In addition to traditionally framed wall art, the art and designs can be converted to wood art, metal prints, apparel, posters, tapestries, and art-inspired décor and lifestyle products such as shower curtains, duvet covers, throw pillows, yoga mats, tote bags, greeting cards, stickers, and spiral notebooks.

When buyers place an online order, the customized product is digitally printed at one of 16 production facilities in five different countries and shipped within 3 to 4 days. Hundreds and thousands of artists, photographers, and national brands sell their art on Fine Art America.

Ripl Offers Free “Small Business Owners Social Media Playbook”

Whether you want to promote your own print business or help clients promote their businesses, it’s important to be aware of marketing tools that can help you simplify the job, Ripl is a solution that eliminates the need to hire specialized staff.

Ripl is a Seattle-based software company that helps small business owners simplify the execution of their social media efforts. With a Ripl subscription, your business can quickly create trackable, professional-grade social-media content for mobile or desktop devices, and schedule posts for sharing across social media channels. The subscription gives you access to thousands of customizable social-media templates, over 500,000 high-quality images, and 90,000 videos.

Ripl templates help small business owners elevate the quality of social media content they create.

Most small business owners understand the importance of maintaining a professional social media presence but often feel ill-equipped to take on the challenge, explains Clay McDaniel, CEO of Ripl, “We want to help relieve that stress for small businesses and empower them with the tools and knowledge to quickly and affordably manage an online presence.”

Free Guide to Social Media Basics

To give small business leaders an easy-to-share crash course in social media, Ripl recently released “The Small Business Owner’s Social Media Playbook,” The Playbook provides detailed information and insights into Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as best practices and tips on using the features on each channel.

“It’s been a challenging time for small businesses,” said McDaniel. “We wanted to find ways we could share our knowledge of social media tactics and best practices to help support those brands facing an uphill climb. The last thing most business owners have time or money for right now is hiring a social media manager or trying to learn how to keep up with all of the various social media platforms.”

“Whether you are brand new to the world of social media or have dabbled with creating your own content in the past, The Playbook is designed to help you establish and grow your social media marketing quickly with confidence,” says Carrie Byrne, Ripl senior director of brand and design.

No matter the business or industry, Ripl believes there are a few questions all small business owners should be consistently asking themselves when it comes to their brand online:

  • Clear: Is you message clear? Are you sticking to one key topic?
  • Concise: Are you keeping your captions short and using words economically?
  • Compelling: Is your content interesting? Does it inspire action?
  • Creative: Does your content look and sound good?

To download a free version of The Small Business Owner’s Social Media Marketing Playbook visit:

For more information about Ripl, visit: or the Ripl Facebook page.

B2B Social Platform Helps Commercial Building Designers Discover Products

Printing companies marketing decor products or services to architects, interior designers, and remodelers of commercial buildings may want to join to the Dezignwall community.

Dezignwall is a B2B social market network created exclusively for professionals involved in the design and construction of everything from local nail salons and coffee shops to world-class restaurants, hotels, casinos, and entertainment venues.



The Houzz-like platform functions like a cross between the professional networking site LinkedIn and photo-sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

The social-sharing tools on the Dezignwall platform make it easy for commercial developers and design teams to find sources of inspiration, engage with manufacturers of products, and work collaboratively in a virtual and mobile environment.

Dezignwall’s mission is to help commercial businesses “close the gap between initial discovery and final purchase” of products and services.

Joseph Haecker, the CEO and founder of Dezignwall, understands the commercial design and building industry because he was head of product design for a company that sold custom lighting for hotels and casinos. He saw how difficult it was for product manufacturers to get their products and services in the right hands from the conception of a development project through the purchase order. He believes current advertising methods (sales reps, catalogs, print media, trade shows) lack real-time accessibility and mobile usability.

“I realized that my commercial design colleagues were in need of a Houzz-like website specifically for our commercial needs,” says Haecker.”During the recession, I saw businesses close because they could not engage clients outside of their current marketing reach. What makes Dezignwall different is that we are a business-to-business solution specifically for global commercial professionals.”


Dezignwall seeks to change how commercial design professionals engage, collaborate, and find inspiration. This includes finding and share commercial design products such as custom wallcoverings, textiles, window shades, glass, ceramics, and many other products that can be digitally printed.

Creating a business profile and publishing your product/project photos is free.


Ad Beacon Helps Advertisers Measure Effectiveness of Printed Displays

AdMobilize is a venture-backed technology company headquartered in Miami, with offices in Washington, London, and Bogota. The company's mission is to provide advanced analytics solutions and integrated platforms for the physical world. (PRNewsFoto/AdMobilize, LLC)
AdMobilize is a venture-backed technology company headquartered in Miami, with offices in Washington, London, and Bogota. The company’s mission is to provide advanced analytics solutions and integrated platforms for the physical world. (PRNewsFoto/AdMobilize, LLC)

Although brands spend $7 billion a year on street-level advertising such as bus shelters and digital signage, it remains a challenge for marketers and agencies to accurately track how effective those campaigns are.

“The out-of-home advertising industry is struggling to find ways to have better analytics as to who and when consumers are most likely to see their ads,” said out-of-home advertising expert Nick Coston.

Tracking solutions that do exist are extremely difficult to install and configure, requiring huge amounts of time, money, and personnel.

With the AdBeacon® device from AdMobilize, out-of-home advertisers and retailers can gather viewership data from both printed graphics and digital signs. The all-in-one hardware and software solution can be configured in two minutes and used by anyone, even people without technical skills.


About the size of an iPhone 5, AdBeacon uses a camera sensor to collect viewership data about printed graphics in physical spaces. For digital signage that already has built-in camera sensors, AdMobilize offers a seamless API solution.

Advertisers can use AdBeacon to track dwell time, gaze ratio, demographics, emotions and more. Using the browser-based AdDashboard, they can access real-time performance data by location, time, audience, engagement, demographics and other key factors.

AdBeaconMarketers can use this data to adjust campaign strategy to maximize outdoor, out of home, and retail advertising returns, optimize store layouts, and fine-tune the content on digital signs.

“Real-time data and analytics drive online advertising and marketing for a reason – they generate incredible ROI,” said Rodolfo Saccoman, CEO and founder of AdMobilize. With AdBeacon 2.0, AdMobilize gives outdoor advertisers and brick-and-mortar businesses the same level of analytics that e-commerce companies use.

The AdRemote apps for Android or iPhone devices can be used to remotely configure and adjust the AdBeacons.

The AdRemote app can also display key metrics that quantify advertising effectiveness. With just one tap, these results can be shared with agency clients or campaign partners.