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Hiring Guide Explains How to Recruit TechCreatives

The hiring guide “Meet the Techcreative” was produced by Semper International, LLC to introduce a new type of employee that has evolved along with digital technologies. Semper supplies skilled staff members to businesses involved in printing, pre-media, graphic communications, and interactive media.

Semper defines Techcreatives as “the intermediaries between the two worlds of creativity and technology — those with the technical expertise to make your ideas a reality.”



Although the term “Techcreative,” may be new, the role itself has emerged as photo labs, printing companies, prepress firms, and marketing companies have continuously adapted to digital technologies over the past 20 years.

Techcreatives in printing firms learned how to adjust Quark or InDesign files to allow for predictable and consistent output on everything from traditional offset printing presses to large-format digital printers. In marketing, Techcreatives are involved with everything from cross-channel customer engagement strategies and analytics to graphic design and video production.

Hiring TechCreatives is critical to businesses that want to adapt to and thrive as technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D printing continue to evolve.

A good TechCreative can help your company build sound, scalable business models around the specific technologies that make the most long-term sense for your firm and customers.

The Semper hiring guide outlines key attributes of TechCreatives and suggests tactics for hiring them. For example, look for loyal, detail-oriented professionals with a strong work ethic and problem-solving skills. The TechCreative should be passionate and skilled in one skilled area of technology but constantly open to learning about other technologies that can keep your business on the cutting edge.

On the Techcreatives landing page you can request the e-book and read case studies and about additional insights about the Techcreative evolution. The Resources includes a link to a white paper that explains why “3D Printing Will Change Everything.”

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Semper was founded by professionals who were raised and trained in the graphic arts and staffing industries. Since 1994, Semper International LLC has provided flexible, flex-to-hire, and direct hire staffing services to help printing companies adapt to ongoing changes in the business.